Subscribe by email Feature

This expansion is useful if you would like to give your subscribers the capability to subscribe/unsubscribe to/from your mail lists simply by sending an email to a particular email address with a specific subject.

As an instance:
— Your potential readers can send an email to, let us say, with the subject”Subscribe to [LIST_UID]” in order to subscribe to the listing.

— Your current readers can send an email to, let us say, with the subject “Unsubscribe from [LIST_UID]” to be able to unsubscribe from your list.

Subscribe by email Feature

A more advanced method is to get your potential readers to send a mail at [LIST_UID]@yourdomain.
You can even use both ways in precisely the same time, the expansion supports this just fine. Please be aware that in all situations, [LIST_UID] is the listing unique id for every record.
This extension will also add appropriate info in the client area for each mail list, it will give proper directions on how people may subscribe/unsubscribe to the given record.

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