New Extension a Seamless integration with The Checker

Seamless integration with The Checker.

New Extension a Seamless integration with The Checker

We now support the checker
Powerful email verification done right. The checker helps your application by removing spam traps and bad email addresses that will bounce, protect your sender reputation and deliver more to your inbox.

We make your email list safe and clean
Email marketing databases naturally degrade by about 22.5% every year. A 5% bounce rate can get you blocked. No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Email bounce checker
Identifies and tells you which emails will bounce and thus are not safe to send.

Global compatibility
We validate emails of all types and all major providers from anywhere in the world.

Catch-all checker
Checks for domains that are catch-all, which return valid for all emails.

Email typo correction
Suggests a possible correction for misspelled email addresses ( =>

Syntax validation
Fully cleans your email list from email addresses with syntax errors.

Domain validation
Marks all the emails containing inactive or invalid domains.

MTA validation
Validates the existence of MX records for every email address.

Risk validation
Identifies and marks all the emails which domain accepts any email in their domain.

Free de-duplication
Removes all records which contain duplicate email addresses.

Spam trap removal
Removes all address identified as a spam trap.

Disposables checker
Checks against our frequently updated temporary email database.

99%+ TC Guarantee
Our emails marked as “Valid” are covered by our deliverability guarantee.

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