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Our newest extension the will allow you to seamlessly implement the API into the Emarketing application.

VeriAS we use our secure platform to verify, analyze and score email lists to flag any and all potentially malicious email addresses for our clients. Our customers rely on our data services to help increase their online marketing, sales, and research capabilities. Our approach is a 3-pronged assault on sub-par data:

VeriAS analyzes the data and proceeds to eliminate any duplicates, invalid domain names, harvested email addresses, and potential spam trap guaranteeing that only usable valid email addresses are being used for mailing campaigns. Included in this process is noting if a subscriber has an online profile in an effort to asses whether the address is actively used. score against provided fields such as name, signup info, address, etc (when provided) during the verification process. We are constantly updating our list of data points we use to score data against. Things like 11111111@, test@, admin@, legal / edu, profanity, etc are scored lower and moved out of the top recommended data folder. Ultimately the scoring process analyzes the probability of each email taking a positive action to customer mailings.

Email verification checker
Email verification checker

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