Backup manager ensures timely backups of your application

This extension enables one-click backup and scheduled backups for your Email marketing application. we wont leave you hanging

We ensure a continued and active development of the application, releasing a new version on a regular basis, it’s always a struggle and time-consuming task to back up your data before updating to the latest version.
This extension aims to alleviate this and to make the entire update and backup process easier and faster. Seamless backup in minutes so your data is secure.

Backup manager ensures timely backups of your application

Connect with us to have the new extension installed on your application.

Main features include
– One click backup
– Schedule backups (i.e: backup once a day, once at 2 days, once at 10 days, etc)
– Choose the number of backups to keep (i.e: keep only 10 most recent backups)
– Notification system (notify by email when a backup is completed but also when it fails, multiple email address are allowed)
– Backups listing
– Manually Download / Delete backups from the web interface

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